Livongo IPO: An AI Stock for Managing Chronic Diseases

We’re halfway through 2019 and we’ve seen a ton of high-profile startups IPO this year. However, few of those joining the ranks of public companies represent a pure play in the sort of emerging technologies that we cover here at Nanalyze. That’s especially been the case with companies where artificial intelligence is at the core of their business product or service. Until recently, we’ve been content with pick-and-shovel stocks like Nvidia (NVDA), which provides the hardware required to support the computing needs of brainy algorithms. Or companies like Nuance (NUAN) that have suddenly made a dramatic pivot into AI and healthcare with its voice recognition and transcription platform. Meanwhile, thousands of AI startups contentedly graze on private market capital as they build technologies or scale operations. That’s why we were particularly interested in learning about Livongo Health, which is breaking away from the herd toward a reported $100 million IPO. We’ve been watch
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