Will Teladoc Stock Embrace Its Big Data to Drive Growth?

To say that artificial intelligence is (once again) having a big money moment would be a gross understatement. That’s certainly been the story in the private markets, where venture capital has been hard to come by over the last year. Those startups serving up the AI flavor of the moment – generative AI in the form of some sort of semi-rational, semi-delusional chatbot that can return some pretty interesting results – are grabbing more than their fair share of available VC dollars. The firm behind the most famous chatbot of them all, OpenAI, got $10 billion from Microsoft in January. A chief rival, San Francisco-based Anthropic, has raised $1.5 billion in just two years, with half of that money coming in two rounds since February.

VC deals for generative AI since 2020.
Funding is flooding into AI generative startups like OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and the eventual destruction of the human race. Credit: Pitchbook

Cathie Wood, the oracle of ARK Invest, is certainly doing her part to push the narrative. In January, the asset management firm released its Big Ideas 2023 report. One of the biggest ideas from ARK Invest analysts is that AI could generate up to $14 trillion in revenue and $90 trillion in enterprise value in 2030. Thanks to recent (and anticipated future advancements), it will become cheaper and faster to train AI to generate text and images, write code, and enable autonomous driving, among other applications.

ARK Invest predicts AI costs will rapidly decline.

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