iRhythm Stock is Showing Signs of Life

We recently wrote about the disappointing results and less-than-inspiring strategy to turn the ship around at Butterfly Network (BFLY). The medical device company has developed a game-changing handheld ultrasound probe powered by artificial intelligence, but is struggling mightily to hit high-growth revenue targets while bleeding money like a high-growth tech stock. In our last article, we officially put Butterfly Network stock on double-secret probation and will switch it from “like” to “avoid” if it doesn’t hit certain milestones at the next check-in. iRhythm stock (IRTC) is another medical device stock on the bubble. Is it another bust or ready to finally boom?

iRhythm Stock Today

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It’s been a couple of years since we last checked in with iRhythm stock when we discussed whether it was finally time to buy. It wasn’t. The total addressable market (TAM) seemed too small ($1.8 billion) and

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