5 Medical Marijuana Stocks That Are Legitimate

December 3. 2016. 4 mins read

Times are strange. This past week we saw the first cannabis related IPO in the United States with a company that buys property from people who grow a “regulated” Schedule 1 drug and then leases it back to them, an investment vehicle knows as a REIT. Thankfully people used common sense when the IPO debuted and didn’t send the stock into the stratosphere as we’ve seen with the Canadian grower stocks lately. While this IPO was the first cannabis related stock to trade on a major exchange, medical marijuana stocks in the pharma industry have been around for a while.

There is a taboo associated with marijuana so we don’t see marijuana stocks covered enough by investment media. Let’s be frank. The type of people who would be attracted to stocks like this need some serious guidance. It’s not just the amateurs that are interested though. We’ve seen Peter Thiel step in to invest in recreational and medical marijuana spending 18 months researching the space which is as much time as he spent researching SpaceX. Now that Mr. Thiel is on Trump’s transition team, that bodes well for the potential growth of a market that “is worth $50 billion in the United States and four times that worldwide“.

When we talk about “medical marijuana” we need to make one thing clear. We are looking at companies that are looking to use marijuana for legitimate medical uses. The majority of our readers are from the U.S. so they should already

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