Growing Cannabis

It’s Finally Time to Invest in Cannabis

Few investment themes have attracted more interest from newbie investors than cannabis. (No, we’ve never considered crypto in its current form to be much of an investment.) Along with strong retail investor interest comes extreme volatility reminiscent of meme stocks. Institutional investors can’t participate and provide stability because many don’t want to get involved with […]

Forecasting Growth for GrowGeneration Stock

Oftentimes we’ll come across an investment thesis that crosses multiple disruptive trends. One example would be LiDAR, a technology used in robotics, industrial machinery, smart infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles. Another example is machine vision which is used for a similar swath of use cases. Then we have the indoor growing thesis which lends itself to […]

4 Hydroponics Stocks for Indoor Farming Investors

It’s exceedingly difficult to find insightful research these days, particularly for investment themes that are popular amongst the status quo. For example, everyone has an opinion about cryptocurrencies. If they don’t, someone will be giving them one soon enough. Real insights become diluted by drivel, and the fracas masks the con men coming out of […]

Investing in the Ancillary Cannabis Sector

We often use the terms “retail” and “institutional” to describe two types of investors. Generally speaking, a retail investor is anyone who invests on their own behalf. In other words, it’s your average Joe with a brokerage account. If said person’s net worth exceeds a certain threshold, they’re considered to be “accredited.” While accredited shouldn’t be […]

Is Marijuana Legal in Alaska? It Sure Is.

If you managed to finance your college years by selling sacks of chronic to everyone in your dorm, you would have learned something about branding. While black market strains would often come with certain brand names attached that didn’t fit the product, the “good” dealers branded their strains appropriately and consistently. That’s because they bought those strains from growers […]

The Seedo Grow Box Shipping Date Is?

Way back when we first started looking at investing in nanotechnology, we noted how prevalent over-the-counter (OTC) stocks are. Wherever there’s an exciting technology, there’s always an OTC company sprouting up that claims to offer a pure-play opportunity for retail investors. We’ve shown countless times how risky it is to get involved with any of these […]

The Best Marijuana Strain Ever Grown

It’s that time of the year again, a day many people look forward to celebrating. That’s right, it’s the last day of Lent. Holy Saturday. It’s a day full of traditions, one of which is to get stoned out of your gourd and eat lots of Easter candy. Today, we’re going to tell you a story about […]

Investing in Marijuana Growing Technologies

Who would have thought that in some U.S. States, there are now as many varieties of marijuana to choose from as there are fast food outlets for lunch. It somewhat pains those of us who remember what things used to be like. Back in the day, there was usually only one strain per dealer. Sometimes the […]

The Biggest Marijuana Growers in The United States

Legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis is often swept into the scenes of retail pot shops and “cutesy” edible novelties when it comes to media coverage: little is known about the “behind-the-scenes” operations of the cannabis industry. Growing cannabis, ironically, is the most important part of the cannabis market, because without the raw flower, no […]

11 Marijuana Stocks That Claim To Be Growing Weed

While recreational and medical marijuana is not one of the 30 emerging technologies we cover here at Nanalyze, it’s a hot topic right now with our lovely readers. Our article on 57 marijuana stocks to invest in (or not) has topped 8,000 shares and our article on medical marijuana pharma stocks has been quite popular as […]