Medical Cannabis

Tilray: Cannabis Stock or Conglomerate?

The more popular an investment theme becomes, the more likely retail investors get burned. Hype around any particular thesis is often driven by niche pundits who spout every bullish point they can dream up in newsletters that double as promotion platforms. That’s why we only invest in a thesis after heavily scrutinizing the space, and […]

How to Tell if a Cannabis Stock is Good or Bad

The basic principles underlying a successful investment strategy haven’t changed for centuries. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (diversification), don’t let your emotions guide your decisions (market timing), a penny saved is worth two in the bush (the time value of money), always get a prenup no matter what (common sense), and never ask […]

Is Weed Legal in Mexico? The answer is yes. Sort of.

There are some things you never forget. Your first kiss. Your first car. Your first bowl of Acapulco Gold. Or even the first time you got high. For us it was running around the urban woods – a thinned-out grove of trees strewn with trash from nearby convenience stores – smoking some dry, seedy bud […]

Aleafia Health Stock – What You Need to Know

Another day, another cannabis stock looking to list on a major U.S. stock exchange. This time it’s Aleafia Health stock being offered on the Nasdaq exchange, that’s according to a filing that was made earlier this month. The first thing we want to point out here is that Aleafia Health (ALEF:CN) is a whole lot […]

The Only Country Where Marijuana is Legal

Marijuana as an investment theme continues to gain momentum as people increasingly view the magical herb as less about “drugs are bad, m’kay” and more about a plant that can be grown at scale and marketed in any number of ways to a prime demographic at varying price points, some with very high margins. Then […]

Canadian Weed Industry is Ready to Start Smoking

Investing in the budding marijuana industry can be sticky business. Last year, at this time we compiled a list of 57 weed stocks, but warned that you’d be better off rolling a blunt with a twenty-dollar bill than buying most of the garbage out there. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. One of […]

How to Invest in the First Marijuana ETF – HMMJ

Ever since we published our first article warning about the dangers of marijuana stocks, people have been asking us two questions. The first question is “how can I buy marijuana stocks” and the second question is “which marijuana stocks should I buy“? We always suggest that eager investors should invest a majority of their funds […]

The State of Marijuana in California for 2016

So as it turns out, some of our journalists are out there in the field this week doing some more boots-on-the-ground research in the Pacific Northwest on the commercial “marijuana industry“. We’re finding it quite hard to wrap our heads around this thing from the perspective of investors. No, we’re not talking about the 57 marijuana […]

5 Medical Marijuana Stocks That Are Legitimate

Times are strange. This past week we saw the first cannabis related IPO in the United States with a company that buys property from people who grow a “regulated” Schedule 1 drug and then leases it back to them, an investment vehicle knows as a REIT. Thankfully people used common sense when the IPO debuted and […]