Wireless Charging

Investing in Nanocrystal Electricity Stocks

We write about more than 30 different disruptive technologies here at Nanalyze, with the sole intent of uncovering opportunities for retail investors to get exposure to exciting themes like robotics or gene editing. We’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, but many times we come across themes that just don’t pan out. […]

Wireless Charging Ready to Spark Mobile Revolution

More and more people want to unplug—but we’re not talking about some Luddite notion of going off the grid and living off the land, while eating grubs and milking cats for nourishment. In fact, the exact opposite: This is about wireless charging technology, or the idea that mobile technology should indeed be mobile. It’s time […]

Powermat Wireless Phone Charging Offered at Starbucks

In a recent article, we highlighted the April 2014 IPO of Energous (NASDAQ:WATT), a company claiming to offer “wireless charging” capabilities for phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. We discussed the fact that purchasing shares in Energous seems highly speculative as the Company has no granted patents, a prototype that is too large, just a small […]