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A Jurny Towards Contactless Hospitality
August 8. 2020. 7 mins read

While we may not be able to explain the strong performance of the stock market...

Low-Risk Passive Income That’s High Yield
April 12. 2019. 6 mins read

Ever since Tim Ferris made the broader public aware of the “4-Hour Workweek,” people have been...

The Latest in Smart Luggage and Smart Carry-Ons
January 19. 2019. 7 mins read

While we believe traveling should be mandatory for anyone who drones on about how rough they have...

An App to Predict Airfare Prices that Uses AI
October 10. 2018. 4 mins read

“Not all those who travel are lost” said J.R.R. Tolkien once, and it just so...

Reducing Business Travel Expenses with Rocketrip
May 28. 2018. 5 mins read

If you’ve spent any time in a corporate role that requires travel, you’ve probably noticed...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Travel Industry
April 29. 2017. 7 mins read

If you make your living as a corporate slave, you’re probably familiar with business travel....