Language Translation

Why We’re Not Buying Appen Stock On the Dip

The difference between confidence and arrogance is whether or not you can walk the walk. Confidence is a highly desirable quality for managers because it’s married to another prized quality – decisiveness. And as a leader, you won’t be very persuasive unless you make decisions with conviction. In the world of investing, we say people […]

Interpreting Sign Language Using Artificial Intelligence

While discussing cultural stereotypes is borderline illegal in ‘Murica these days, we have no problem opening those doors. That’s because cultural stereotypes largely have some truth to them which makes them amusing – unless you’re German in which case you probably don’t have a sense of humor. Corporations today are becoming increasingly globalized and it’s […]

7 Machine Language Translator Startups

Artificial intelligence is now so smart that it can master the world’s most complicated strategy game, Go, without being given one single instruction or preset rule. The AI algorithms just figured it out through trial and error until they were the best Go players on the entire planet in a matter of just days. Yet […]

A Translator for All Languages – Does One Exist?

We’re an eclectic group of writers here at Nanalyze, and a fair number of us enjoy traveling around the planet while writing about technology investing. With some of our writers based in Asia, we’re also familiar with how much fun it is to live in a country where you don’t speak the language, you can’t read […]

When Will AI Make Engrish a Thing of the Past?

We’ve talked before about the rapid advances being made in the area of speech recognition. It’s only a matter of time before companies like Doppler Labs augment our hearing such that we’re able to experience real-time  language translation. That French waiter who’s smiling at you while calling you a prick in a Paris cafe? You’ll […]