Rwazi Brings Big Data to Sub-Saharan Africa

“Sell to the rich, live with the poor. Sell to the poor, live with the rich.” That old saying couldn’t ring truer for companies seeking to bring the joys of consumerism to the last frontier – what finance professionals call “frontier markets.” Perhaps the least known opportunities can be found in the great country of […]

Why We’re Not Buying Appen Stock On the Dip

The difference between confidence and arrogance is whether or not you can walk the walk. Confidence is a highly desirable quality for managers because it’s married to another prized quality – decisiveness. And as a leader, you won’t be very persuasive unless you make decisions with conviction. In the world of investing, we say people […]

The Big Business of Big Data Labeling as a Service

In the dot com era of the late 90s, demand for talent became so fierce that just about anyone could get hired in tech. It wasn’t uncommon in those days for some of your team members to be on work release. Any felon who could fog a mirror was capable of doing software testing by […]

Crowdsourced Big Data is Big Business for Appen

The term “metadata” refers to data that describes data, and it comes in quite handy when you’re training machine learning algorithms. Take for example a picture of a table with a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast along with a couple of hands holding utensils. We can easily label the individual objects – knife, fork, left hand, […]

Lots of Jobs You Can Work From Anywhere

If you want to become a digital nomad but you don’t have any passive income, you’ll need to find a job that allows you to work from anywhere. They’re also called “remote workers,” and some companies even go so far as to only hire remote workers. Take the website you’re on right now for instance. We’re headquartered […]

CrowdFlower and Human in the Loop Machine Learning

The Chinese are pretty much on a tear lately, having announced a few days ago that they plan to achieve global dominance in AI by 2030. The Chinese have traditionally been “not so very good” when it comes to translating English, but have recently committed to changing that, perhaps, because they know it is an important step […]

What Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Says About Our Future

We’ve written before about the rapid development of technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) and how they threaten to displace as many as 80% of all service jobs. While some see this as a threat, the idea is that you’re supposed to be happy because now your time can be freed up to do […]