Autonomous Trucks

Self-Driving Trucks: 3 Pure Play Stocks to Avoid For Now

Our recent piece on finding the next Tesla suggested that future upside for autonomy may trump the electric vehicle thesis. That’s what ARK Invest seems to think as they believe Tesla’s robotic taxi will generate more than half the company’s profits by 2026. But it’s not clear that autonomy on city streets is the best […]

4 Self-Driving Semi-Truck Stocks for Investors

Less than four months ago, we did a deep dive into the first pure play in self-driving semi-truck stocks with a profile on TuSimple (TSP). We found the business to be intriguing but opted to sit on the sidelines for now until the company puts more miles on the road and money into its bank […]

Is Self-Driving Truck Stock TuSimple a Buy?

The low-hanging fruit of autonomous driving would have to be semi trucks. They’re predominantly driven on highways which present fewer challenging conditions than city driving. They ply the same routes, over and over. (Nearly 80% of truck freight goods hauled in the U.S. are moved via 10% of the nation’s trade corridors.) And the shortage […]

An App for Truck Drivers Called Convoy

Most Americans take for granted the incredible selection of consumer goods available just about anywhere in the country. A search for “salad dressing” on the Walmart website returns over 1,300 results. Spend some time people-watching in the land of the free, and you’ll quickly conclude that eating salads isn’t something Americans do very often, yet each grocery […]

10 Most Funded Self-Driving Startups in 2017

While waiting on the rooftop of the Chrysler Building for our autonomous flying taxi to arrive, we realized a couple of things. First, there’s no rooftop on the Chrysler Building. Second, we’ll probably be waiting for a while. The arrival of autonomous vehicles—flying or otherwise—seems like it should be just around the corner. The reality […]

Driverless Trucking Heats Up in 2017

You know what was so great about the 1970s and 1980s? You can pretty much take any topic today and relate it back to a movie from that golden age of cinema, before every film either starred a Marvel superhero or Meryl Streep. Last week, for example, we tracked down more than a dozen startups […]

5 Startups Working on Trucking Technology

A few months ago, we published an article about investing in self-driving trucks and described just how massive the opportunity is in this space given that trucking is a $700 billion industry. There are not just opportunities in self driving, but trucking technology in general. For retail investors, there aren’t many opportunities to get exposure to autonomous […]

Investing in Autonomous Trucks and Driverless Trucking

An interesting article was published by Tech Crunch yesterday which talked about how a convoy of autonomous freight trucks recently drove across Europe and arrived at the Port of Rotterdam. Driverless trucking isn’t coming soon, it’s already here. What struck us about this article were some of the extremely powerful facts presented such as the […]