Augmented Reality

8 Israeli AR/VR Startups Reshaping the World

Our readers have been particularly interested in our recent coverage of Israeli startups, with big social media shares on our top 10 lists of Israel’s biggest funded startups and artificial intelligence startups. So this article brings together some of our favorite topics—God’s Chosen People, Israeli startups, CB Insights and augmented reality/virtual reality technology. The bright minds at […]

8 Examples of Augmented Reality For Business

So far, you may have only used augmented reality apps to catch Pokemon, or transform your selfie into a portrait of a rainbow-puking unicorn. But augmented reality (AR) also has a serious side, and many apps are catering to a variety of industries for some practical use. Though advertising seems to be an obvious choice for […]

AI Becomes Fashionable with these 10 Startups

All we ever learned about fashion came from watching and re-watching Zoolander until we could perfect the Blue Steel look (see below). In other words, at Nanalyze, we’re not exactly a bunch of metrosexual males squeezed into skinny jeans made in Japan for $595 a pop. So it’s not really surprising that a machine knows […]

Smart Contact Lenses – How Far Away Are They?

When thinking about the potential of emerging technologies, it’s often good to try and visualize the most extreme endpoint that you can think of, where the technology would be fully matured. We’ve done this before when we thought about what real-time virtual reality might look like, or when we thought about what a fully functioning autonomous […]

Anki – Robots, AI, and AR in Your Living Room

When we think about robots, we often think of humanoid helpers like in the Jetsons (it’s a cartoon that older people distinguished people would have watched growing up) or massive industrial automatons that build those Teslas you see whizzing around these days. Maybe instead, we are reminded of a looming job crisis, where machines threaten to steal our livelihoods. In any […]

Lumus Augmented Reality Uses F-16 Display Technology

In April this year, we wrote about how augmented reality (AR) may be one of the biggest investment opportunities ever. In the not-so-distant future, an augmented reality device could make you wonder why we ever peered through the small windows of televisions, or how we ever learned anything without using AR. As with every new technology, AR recently had […]

13 Smart Glasses For Augmented Reality (Updated)

In the past, we’ve covered several companies developing smart glasses for augmented reality (AR) and discussed the exciting ways that AR technology is being used to enhance everyday life. Since Google first announced their Google Glass project and gave us a glimpse of how the technology could change the way that we interact with the world around us, smart […]

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) Enables Augmented Reality

We’ve talked before about how augmented reality (AR) may be the biggest investment opportunity ever. Augmented reality hardware is a huge part of enabling this opportunity, and until we get to AR enabled contact lenses, we need to make do with modified glasses. One startup playing in this space is Osterhout Design Group (ODG). Osterhout […]

Doppler Labs – Smart Earbuds for Augmented Hearing

In recent articles, we’ve talked about how augmented reality may be the biggest opportunity ever. Introduced to the world with the emergence of Pokémon Go, augmented reality aims to blend virtual reality with the real world. Much of the work being done in this industry focuses on sight, augmenting the way that we see the world and […]

5 Augmented Reality Game Companies to Watch

While the key focus for consumer-facing mixed reality devices remains virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) is making in-roads in the enterprise market. Big companies like Facebook (Oculus Rift), HTC (Vive), Sony (PlayStation VR) and Google (Cardboard, Daybreak) are investing billions into headsets that transport users into virtual worlds. We recently highlighted the best VR headset to […]