Catching Up With TeamViewer Stock

Social media is largely a collection of loose point-to-point connections. Before social networks came on the scene, savvy tech individuals would connect with one another using phone lines and modems. It was common for kids to convince their parents to get another phone line so that people could actually call the house. This allowed for individuals to begin connecting to one another on platforms like Yahoo Chat and finally on the social networks we have today.

TeamViewer provides connectivity software that allows people inside and outside of organizations to connect with each other in a secure manner. Sometimes these connections aren't secured. East Asian scammers often try to infiltrate the computers of unsuspecting elderly people by using TeamViewer to enable connections. Security is an important component of the platform which is where the enterprise use cases come into play. (IoT and AR are also themes found within their business model.)

It was just over a year ago when we as...

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