Schrödinger Stock: Drug Discovery Platform Making Money

Tired of reading about ChatGPT? Us, too. The hand wringing over of how artificial intelligence is going to put writers and artists, among many other white-collar criminals, out of a job is missing the point. The power of generative AI, the particular kind of machine-learning technique behind ChatGPT, has yet to be tapped. The big brains at market research firm CB Insights recently noted that despite 2022 being a record year for investment in generative AI startups – with equity funding topping $2.6 billion across 110 deals – about 85% of the 250+ generative AI companies are Series A or earlier. In other words, we’re still in the early stages of commercialization of this technology, which can not only generate A-grade essays for frat boys, but create images, speech, and software code.

Investment landscape for generative AI.
Following the money for generative AI also reveals where investment is lacking. Credit: CB Insights

There appear to be a few industries missing or subsumed by other categories from the above graphic, chief among them AI and healthcare. This is a topic we’ve been writing about for years, so surprised that this isn’t on the radar in terms of the startup landscape. Certainly, a few headlines have emerged with the AI generative hype, particularly around areas such as AI for drug discovery. In fact, one of the many, many AI drug discovery startups that we’ve covered, Absci, recently posted a

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