Intapp Stock – An Institutional Fintech Platform

June 26. 2021. 4 mins read

Selling a product or service to financial institutions is a difficult chore which is why BSD enterprise salespeople make such good coin. Once you have some traction, it becomes easier. When you tell a firm all their competitors are using your tool, they don’t want to feel left out. Once you’re selling something to everyone, upselling them more stuff becomes an easy conversation. When you see a firm that’s penetrated a large percentage of key clients in a particular domain with a software-as-aservice (SaaS) offering, you know they’re doing something right. Intapp is one such SaaS company.

About Intapp Stock

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Founded back in 2000, Silicon Valley startup Intapp took in an undisclosed amount of funding, some of which was used to make a number of acquisitions over the years. The end result is a product offering consisting of two major components:

  • DealCloud – deal and relationship management solution for financial services firms.
  • OnePlace – a solution to manage all aspects of a professional services firm’s client and engagement lifecycle

Sounds a whole lot like

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