TeamViewer Stock Shows Acceptable Growth

Regular Nanalyze readers know we’ve worked hard to establish a set of objective criteria for analyzing disruptive tech stocks that evolves over time. That’s because rules-based investing removes human emotion from the equation which can erode portfolio returns over time. Why do passive investment vehicles perform so well against their active counterparts? It’s because they’re passive. We invest in companies, not stocks. We don’t just dump a company in our portfolio because the stock hasn’t been hitting new highs every week. In fact, we almost never exit a position unless the stock meets a couple of very simple criteria – revenue stalls for a prolonged time and/or our investment thesis has changed. 

Our Investment in TeamViewer Stock

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That brings us to TeamViewer (TMV.F) stock, a play on the remote connectivity thesis that had become particularly attractive back in 2020 when it seemed like no one was ever going back to the office. While the surge in pandemic-era stocks like Zoom always seemed temporary to us, remote connectivity for devices appeared to be a better bet for long-term growth given the emergence of IoT. We decided to go long on the

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