The Artificial Intelligence Stock That Rocked Wall Street

While the biggest news of this past week was the surprise results of the U.S. presidential elections, we saw something happen on Friday that was actually even more remarkable. In fact, what happened this past Friday represented the dawn of an artificial intelligence (AI) computing era which is being led by an artificial intelligence stock that rocked Wall Street with their latest earnings report. A company that we've been meaning to write about for a while has now emerged as the AI computing company with the financial results to back it. That company is NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) and this is what their stock price trajectory looks like: That chart above offers up two simply incredible pieces of information. The first is that over the past 5 years, NVDA stock has returned an astounding +487% while the NASDAQ has returned just +95% over the same time frame. That's pretty remarkable but not nearly as remarkable as NVDA's one-year returns. In the past year alone, NVDA shares
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