Deep Learning

13 Artificial Intelligence Trends for Investors to Watch

“As soon as it works, nobody calls it AI anymore.” Those were the words of John McCarthy, a computer scientist who is considered one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence. It makes you wonder when artificial intelligence (AI) will stop being a disruptive technology and just become something everyone uses to do things more […]

The Top 10 Israeli Artificial Intelligence Startups

Israel is a country full of history, which is why they have more museums per capita than any other country. They also have the oldest continuously used cemetery in the world and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Hearing that, you’d think that not a whole lot has changed over the years, but […]

9 Canadian AI Startups Making Canada Great Again

One could be forgiven for believing that there’s not much to Canada aside from hockey, beer, and accents straight out of the movie Fargo. After all, most of us of a certain generation learned everything we thought we’d ever need to know about America’s underpopulated neighbor to the north by watching Strange Brew. But during […]

12 AI Hardware Startups Building New AI Chips

In a recent article, we talked about how NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) seems to be dominating “artificial intelligence (AI) hardware” with their GPUs. The only other major provider of GPUs, AMD (NASDAQ:AMD), doesn’t seem to be all that interested in aggressively marketing to an AI audience. In that same article, we also talked about how Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) […]

The Artificial Intelligence Stock That Rocked Wall Street

While the biggest news of this past week was the surprise results of the U.S. presidential elections, we saw something happen on Friday that was actually even more remarkable. In fact, what happened this past Friday represented the dawn of an artificial intelligence (AI) computing era which is being led by an artificial intelligence stock that rocked […]

10 Deep Learning Applications for Investors to Watch

Before tucking into some really cool deep learning applications, we need a bit of context first. Probably the most intriguing and exciting technology today is artificial intelligence (AI), a broad term that covers a swath of technologies like machine learning and deep learning. As investors, our ears perked up when we first heard about AI and we […]

Viv Uses Deep Learning to Teach Computers How to Learn

We’ve talked before about voice recognition software and even wrote an entire article using the Nuance (NASDAQ:NUAN) voice recognition software as a sort of experiment to see just how far voice recognition has come along. We weren’t blown away by the experience but we could see that voice recognition has come a long way. However, […]

6 Startups Using AI for Algorithmic Trading Strategies

We’re investors, so when we think about the most exciting application for artificial intelligence (AI) we can’t help but think of using AI to tell us how to make money in the stock market. The idea of automated trading has been around for a long time now. Also known as algorithmic trading, the use of automation […]

3 Artificial Intelligence Applications from Sentient

Unfortunately for retail investors, you can’t invest in artificial intelligence yet. (Update: since we published this article, a handful of investment opportunities became available for the retail investor.) There just aren’t any publicly traded companies so we’ll have to wait for an IPO or an acquisition to happen. With over 900 “artificial intelligence” (AI) startups […]

You Can’t Invest in Artificial Intelligence Yet

If you aren’t up to speed on artificial intelligence (AI) yet, start here for a simple explanation of the technology. AI is immensely powerful and consequently it is a controversial topic. Steven Hawking has warned that AI “could spell the end of the human race”. Even iconic technology futurist Elon Musk warns against AI claiming that is represents the “biggest existential […]