Marijuana Startups

Cannabis Startups Taking in Sizable Funding Rounds

The cannabis industry is moving so fast these days, we hardly have any time to partake ourselves because we’re too busy trying to keep track of all of the IPOs and mega investments into these newly minted billion-dollar corporations like Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and Aphria (APHA). While there were certainly plenty of listings on U.S. […]

Cannabis Drinks – A Good Investment Opportunity?

Back in the Dark Ages of Marijuana, when a good score was a $25 quarter-ounce bag of Mexican dirt weed that wasn’t too seedy, we would sometimes convert a soda can into a makeshift pipe. It was a brilliant piece of engineering: Crunch the can in half, poke a half dozen or so holes in […]

8 Online Marijuana Marketplaces for Buying Weed

As the legal weed train continues to roll on (preemptive apology for all puns henceforth), the business case around marijuana grows into the billions. Eight states in the U.S. have fully legalized it (welcome to the club, California!), four expanded medical use this year, and five are hoping to legalize recreational use in 2018. It’s […]

9 Cannabis Startups with Seed-to-Sale Solutions

We remember the days before Big Marijuana, when buying weed was much easier. We would pull up a block or two away from a seedy house in a rundown neighborhood. The front yard probably hadn’t been mowed since Nixon was president. Our dealer was named Weeda. For $25, she would hand over a quarter-ounce of […]

A Marijuana Breathalyzer from Hound Labs

It’s been a while since we’ve written about anything marijuana-related, which isn’t intuitive considering how popular this topic is with our readers. Sure, cannabis isn’t an emerging technology, it’s so much more than that man. It’s a way of life, and it’s no longer considered taboo. Now you can smoke weed in your company parking […]

The 5 Biggest Marijuana Startups by Funding

As the cannabis market blooms in the US and across the globe, industry credibility rises with each successful entrepreneurial venture. Prior to the trial-by-fire of running a successful business, all companies begin by obtaining funding: funding that comes from sources like private investors, bank loans or by selling company stock to the public. Due to […]