Trimble Stock – Farming, Construction, and Supply Chains

When deciding which disruptive tech stocks to invest in, you could take what they call “a top-down approach.” For example, you might rustle up a list of the most technologically backward industries, find the ones that score the worst, then invest in companies building technologies for said industries. Check out this table from McKinsey which shows the five least digitized industries across the globe:

Credit: McKinsey

We recently wrote about a company called Procore that’s building a digital transformation platform for the construction industry. We passed on the stock because while it’s a huge total addressable market (TAM), there are plenty of established software vendors dabbling in it, one of those being a company called Trimble (TRMB).

About Trimble

We first came across this $19.5 billion company while researching the ARK Space ETF which currently holds Trimble as its largest position.

Credit: ARK Invest

The relevance to the space thesis is that

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