SNSR – An Internet of Things ETF for IoT Investors

April 10. 2018. 7 mins read

Long-time readers of Nanalyze know that one of our oft-repeated pieces of wisdom—and remember what they say about opinions and particular anatomical parts—is that one of the best ways to get skin into the game for any particular technology theme is through an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). We recently profiled a couple of robotics and artificial intelligence ETFs, but you can pretty much find an ETF for just about any theme imaginable, including cannabis, the Bible or gay pride.

The idea behind an ETF is that it provides exposure to a basket full of companies that are somehow linked to the overarching theme. On the plus side, it provides far greater diversification than you can get by investing in just one or two stocks. Often, however, we find many ETFs just stretch the bounds of what might actually qualify under a particular theme, minimizing pure-play exposure (we talked about

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