Butterfly Network Hardware Sales Disappoint

There will come a time when we leave our bitterness behind over the deluge of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) that flooded the public markets, mostly over a manic two-year period. Someday we’ll stop wondering what might have been if interesting companies like Rocket Lab (RKLB) and Desktop Metal (DM) had resisted the siren song of easy money and waited until they were ready for primetime. Today is not that day, as we catch up with one of our favorite companies before it got SPAC’d: Butterfly Network (BFLY). 

A Short History of Butterfly Network Stock

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We’ve been covering the Boston area medical device company since 2016, when we first came across its revolutionary AI-powered handheld ultrasound that worked off a smartphone. The value proposition is simple enough for even an MBA to understand: Offer a diagnostic device that non-professionals can use at a price point of about $2,000. Compare that against traditional cart-based systems that cost between $45,000 and $60,000 f

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