Is Certara Stock a Good Investment in Biosimulation?

The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Stock Catalog boasts more than 450 companies. This thing is a beast, and the more we feed it, the bigger it gets. Our goal is to make it more lean and mean – trim the fat, so to speak – so it’s more easily digestible. However, when the folks who help us pay the bills suggest a stock that they like, we dig in. It also whets our appetite if that company is a competitor to one of the stocks in our Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Portfolio. And it definitely doesn’t hurt if said stock is a pure play in one of our core investment themes. 

Certara stock (CERT) appears to check all the boxes. Nominated by one of our lovely subscribers, the New Jerzee-based company serves the drug development industry by offering software and services around its biosimulation platform. It claims to compete indirectly with companies like Schrödinger (SDGR), which uses a computational physics-based platform and machine learning to accelerate drug discovery. In addition, biosimulation involves creating a digital twin of a biological system to predict how drugs behave in different people. We believe the digitization of real-world processes into virtual platforms for monitoring systems and predicting outcomes is a key disruptive technology.

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