Ginkgo Bioworks Stock is a Risky Bet on Synbio

We always say you shouldn’t invest in stories, but sometimes it’s so darn hard not to. That’s because deep down inside, we all like to have a punt now and then. It isn’t often we’re compelled to invest in teams with dreams, but Ginkgo Bioworks tempts our risk-averse nature like few others have.

Since we first covered the company back in 2016, we’ve been excitedly watching them raise wheelbarrows of cash while touting an organism engineering platform that will finally allow mankind to realize the promise of synthetic biology. Today, they gave us some bittersweet news. They’re going public (yay!), but using a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp (SRNG). (Rolls eyes.)

About Ginkgo Bioworks Stock

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By now you should know the story and understand what all the excitement is about. (If n

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