MongoDB Stock: More Metrics Needed for Investors

Wherever there are competing software solutions, you’ll find loyal tribes. Engineers are technically competent, so they’ll usually articulate their arguments in a convincing matter. Linux is obviously better than Windows, Apple is the best platform known to man, NoSQL will never displace SQL, and the list goes on. Debating the technical merits of competing technologies creates noise for investors. Oftentimes, forums like Reddit will incubate a small group of people who consume every technical detail they can find and regurgitate it back to fellow investors who “didn’t do their due diligence.” Usually, this behavior is associated with pre-revenue companies that need to convince investors someone is willing to pay for their product and service. (AST SpaceMobile anyone?)

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Our recent piece on Investing in the Explosive Growth of Unstructured Data prompted quite a few people to question the overly optimistic picture we painted of NoSQL as a potential way to play the growth of unstructured data and AI. Today, we’re going to vet the leader in NoSQL – MongoDB (MDB) – according to the same criteria we use to evaluate all

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