What You’re Investing in With Coinbase Stock

January 20. 2022. 5 mins read

Bitcoin miners are going to be up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle if the Web 3.0 community decides that conserving the electricity used to mine bitcoins is more important than the joys of decentralized finance. That’s the direction Ethereum 2.0 is going, so nothing says bitcoin couldn’t make the same move. It takes about $12,500 dollars to mine a single bitcoin which you can then sell to a greater fool crypto investor for (checks Coinbase) $41,953.

Infographic showing setup for bitcoin mining and amount of electricity. Credit: New York Times
Credit: New York Times

Just make sure you don’t use Tether to conduct your transaction because that cryptocurrency has systemic risk that’s almost too incredulous to believe.

If you want exposure to blockchain and crypto, there are few good ways to get it when it comes to equities. We recently vetted

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