Has Google Finally Achieved Quantum Supremacy?

If you were a Mexican girl who was born the day Google debuted their IPO, you’d have celebrated your quinceañera this past summer. If you bought some shares in Google around the time of the IPO as we did, you’d be up +2,219% on your investment. If at the time you bought those shares you were broke […]

Lucidworks – Machine Learning for Search Engines

About Lucidworks About four years ago, San Francisco-based Lucidworks was on the ropes. It was losing business for its open source enterprise search platform on Apache Solr to competitors like Elasticsearch. Negative press followed news of layoffs, with one employee at the time telling VentureBeat he’d be surprised if Lucidworks lasted 18 more months. That […]

Global Internet to Keep Us Connected Everywhere

All due respect to NASCAR fans, but this is the sort of race we’d rather watch: companies competing to be the first to unleash the world’s first global internet. Because, hey, we need to be able to surf porn check our fantasy baseball team from anywhere on the planet. It would also be useful to […]

One Artificial Neural Network to Rule Them All

We’re going to talk about the concept of one artificial neural network being superior to the rest, but before that, we need to understand just how saturated the artificial intelligence (AI) space is becoming. The great minds over at CB Insights are putting together a list of the top-100 most promising (AI) companies globally and as of the […]

There Won’t be a Calico IPO

About Calico It’s coming up on a year since we first wrote about Google’s anti-aging startup called Calico. Last year, Google announced their intentions to invest up to $750 million into Calico, a company looking to solve one of the most common afflictions known to man; that of aging. At the time of our first […]

Can Google’s Calico Develop a Cure for Death?

Google is an incredible company. Founded only 14 years ago, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is now the third-largest company in the world by market cap, and sits on a staggering amount of cash, over $58 billion, even more than Apple. Google’s balance sheet is so strong that on average, Google has acquired more than one company every […]