A Chinese Augmented Reality Stock

July 17. 2019. 5 mins read

Live in Asia for a while and you’ll quickly conclude that people who label half the world “Asians” and use that category to tick some diversity box are completely clueless about “Asians.” If you ever want to observe how dramatic the differences are between Asian cultures, sit on a plane full of Japanese while a group of mainland Chinese clamor on board and watch the hilarity ensue. Nobody can master the levels of confusion and drama that groups of mainlanders manage to achieve while trying to get seated on a plane, while nobody can quite achieve the polite uncomfortable embarrassment that the Japanese manage to display while observing the whole debacle. Just because people look the same doesn’t mean they behave the same, and while those uncouth mainland Chinese tourists may be a great cause of embarrassment sometimes, the world is quickly becoming their oyster.

While the Chinese have traditionally looked for capital within their own country, lately they’ve been looking to foreign markets for capital as well – trade wars aside. In the past week or so, several interesting Chinese companies have filed for an IPO on U.S. exchanges. The first is a company we hadn’t heard of before called WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. which recently filed for a $43.7 million IPO to raise money for their growing augmented reality (AR) services offerings.

A Chinese Augmented Reality Stock

Immediately we’re thankful the company filed for an IPO which means there’s

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