All About the Scuderi Group and the Scuderi Engine

January 3. 2016. 4 mins read
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Whenever there is controversy surrounding an investment theme, you know that there’s something there worth taking a look at. We’ve had at least a few readers mention a company called “Scuderi Group” and their revolutionary “Scuderi Engine” which is expected to operate 50% more efficiently than traditional combustion engines and reduce emissions by up to 80%. Let’s take a closer look at the Scuderi Group.

About Scuderi Group

Using technology that has been around since 1914, a man named Carmelo Scuderi developed a “split-cycle” internal combustion engine that functions as both an air compressor and an engine. Consequently, the engine is up to 50% more efficient and reduces emissions up to 80%. Scuderi Group goes out of their way to make sure that you know just how many patents they have covering this technology, with an entire section of their sparse website dedicated to listing out their IP portfolio. The portfolio is a large one, with Google Patents listing a total of 254 patents with the assignee as Scuderi Group. The Company is said to have a working prototype, though in the past they have referred to “simulations” performed as opposed to tests performed on the engine itself. You can read more about the Scuderi Engine in this company brochure which doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2009. Let’s just assume for now that the technology is viable.

The biggest curiosity behind Scuderi Group, and perhaps the root of all the controversy, is the fact that they raised over $80 million in a continuous securities offering that took place from January 2004 until July 2012. Over that period of time, Scuderi Group sold stock in their company to over 400 investors, 90 of whom were not accredited. To make matters worse, Scuderi Group then began doling out the money they received to family members for no reason at all. The Scuderi in charge at the time did things like pay his mom $330,000 for no reason at all and his brother $240,000, with neither of these individuals even being employed by the company at the time. If you bought stock in the Scuderi Group, that sort of callous disregard for shareholder’s interests should be a real cause for concern.

While you can read the lengthy SEC filing at this link, the outcome was a simple slap on the wrist fine of just $100,000 for Scuderi Group. After reading the filing, we came away with the feeling that this is a company that investors should stay far, far away from. The Scuderi Group is also facing a class-action federal lawsuit brought in 2013 by investors. Would institutional investors, or any investors for that matter, want to invest in such a company going forward? What Scuderi might look to do next is to distance themselves from this debacle, perhaps by changing their focus to “power generation and storage”.

Using the powerful Internet archive “Wayback Machine”, we can see that way back in 2011 the Scuderi Group called themselves “Scuderi Engine” and was heavily focused on automotive applications of their technology.

Scuderi Engine
Scuderi Engine

Scuderi Group even went so far as to say at the time:

Of the 20 largest engine manufacturers in the world, 14 are in discussions about acquiring the rights to the engine’s technology.

Fast forward to today, and all those “progress in automotive” press releases seem to have disappeared from the Scuderi Group website. With a homepage decorated with pictures of solar panels and wind towers, the Company now refers to itself as “Scuderi Power” and talks about how “Scuderi power generation and storage systems can provide unprecedented advantages to large consumers of power”, like reducing your electricity bills by 20%. What happened to the focus on automotive? Has this channel already been monetized? The latest automotive update seems to imply otherwise, as a subsidiary of Toyota, Hino Motors, has taken Scuderi Group to court. Apparently, Hino gave Scuderi Group $150,000 for some development work and received nothing in return causing Hino to take them to court to get their money back.


Let’s just assume for now that this lawsuit is water under the bridge for Scuderi Group. The point here is that if you sign a development agreement with one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world, and less than 2 years later they take you to court over a “business dispute”, you are simply incompetent and not acting in the best interest of your shareholders. What must other automotive manufacturers think when they see this?

While we view the management of Scuderi Group as completely incompetent based on the facts presented in this article, there still seems to be quite a few strong believers in this company who are hoping for a liquidation event. Are these simply the investors who contributed the $80 million Scuderi Group have squandered spent on R&D so far? Or believers in the Scuderi vision of a new engine that can revolutionize multiple industries?


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  1. Pretty strange stuff being said here. GE has hundreds of different tech ventures and has been taken to court thousands of times. Scuderi is even partners with them yet no mention of GE indecrestions. This is hypocritical to say the least. GE even calls their spinoffs by different names. The scuderi clean energy storage co. and its idea is a great one and will be a success. This artical is nonsense at best….

    1. Charles K. Forner, VP of Technology, is also a former member of the Lubricants and Powertrain Committee of the SAE. Having someone on the Scuderi team experienced with lubricant technologies should make investors feel better. Just saying.

  2. A very poorly and misleading article. Scuderi has updated their web site and they are moving forward into power generation. Yes they have discovered how to store electricle energy and have begun intalling this new engine. I suspect the writer of this article has unethicale motives.

    1. Thank you for the comment Christopher. We have no “unethicale” motives. You might want to check out our 435 other articles on Nanalyze that are not about Scuderi Group before making such accusations.

  3. A very poorly and misleading article. Scuderi has updated their web site and they are moving forward into power generation. Yes they have discovered how to store electricle energy and have begun intalling this new engine. I suspect the writer of this article has unethical motives.

  4. This article hits the nail on the head….Scuderi has never sent me “anything” in 5 years that I have been invested in this company….”Anything”.

  5. This company has not sent me anything either, but that doesn’t mean it won’t in the near future. This article is old news and does not mention anything that the company has in the works today. Again, nonsense personified…. If this writer has any smarts at all then a story ought to be written about Bloom energy. Talk about mistrust, these guys have taken over 2 billion bucks without a proven product and have a mountain of debt to boot. The thing breaks down, is dirty, and all they have to claim is a 60 minutes love letter to showoff. Where is the return on this? Where is the ipo with the crap they peddle. And they want 50 grand for just a tiny piece of their junk… Please ….

  6. I, for one, have been waiting for more articles exposing the negative truth about this investment. If you want the positive junk, just read the companies own releases. Unfortunately, they never tell us about the free family “loans”, lawsuits or anything else. And I am an investor, in case you were wondering.

    If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk,………..

  7. Like most start up companies the Scuderi Group has had it’s fair share of controversy, however it appears the SG has learned from these prior mistakes and have turn the company around.
    I am impressed with managements perseverance in the face of many obstacles and feel success is finally obtainable.

    1. Thank you for the comment Vinny. We hadn’t seen this clean energy venture from Scuderi Group. The problem is that it is still being run by a management team that has a past record of misappropriating investors’ money. Those can hardly be considered mistakes. Exactly what obstacles did management overcome that they didn’t create themselves? If you loaned your friend money to develop a product, and then he gave some of that money to his relatives for no reason at all, would you loan that friend money again?

      1. Funds were never misappropriated and that was never written it was insinuated. If you actually read it they write about a loan and insurance. Both of these issues happen all the time if a loan isn’t made and a good portion of the company’s stock got in outside hands that is a problem for all shareholders. If the founder’s wife doesn’t maintain health insurance after he passes what is the point. Those are the misleading statements by you. You can certainly question the technology it wouldn’t be wise because you will be in over your head however, when you write the word “misappropriated” that is completely false.

  8. Nanalyze-You should take notice that the Scuderi Clean Energy does have other entities and personal in place to help them move forward with the company such as 41 North Partners. In my opinion having Johnson Controls among others listed as a business partner is a 3rd party validation of the technology.

  9. A very poorly and misleading article. Scuderi has updated their web site and they are moving forward into power generation. Yes they have discovered how to store electrical energy and have begun installing this new engine. I suspect the writer of this article has unethical motives.

  10. The writer of your article should do more in depth research of the Scuderi group and Scuderi energy the company is moving ahead at a rapid speed and will surely produce positive results I know for a fact a very well-informed fact that the company is on the verge of moving forward in the Scuderi Emoji section

  11. You pro-Scuderi Enery people sound just like we all did 13 YEARS AGO. Listen to your elders and don’t just dismiss their wisdom. We’ve all been had. What exactly do these “realtionships” with 41 Partners and Johnson Controls actually prove or do for us? There’s no money coming in so it’s no different then saying you slept with Jennifer Aniston when all you did was get your picture taken with her.

  12. If any of these cute pro-Scuderi kids had the years we do under their belts, there would be no way they could possibly feel assured or even the least bit optimistic with this “investment”. In fact, they’d be ecstatic to finally see truthful reporting revealing the questions all of us, the educated, ask every day.

  13. The Scuderi Group has promised so many things to its investors over the years. Unfortunately for myself and many other investors we have been duped. I agree with the article they are incompetent and consistently lie to their investors. The latest hype is just another chapter of ripping off the public. They say they publish financials of the company but nobody can ever get a copy. I think they should all be locked up and have cells next to Bernie Madoff and compare notes!

    1. Thank you for the comment HJ. We have provided documentation in the article that points to gross incompetence by management. One would hope they would address this with their investor base.

  14. Someone I have worked with in making investments has been involved with Scuderi since about 2010. He is a part of the dissatisfied investor group. Also, I live within 50 miles of the company, and have rarely heard much good about them from locals in the tech space. Great local press, though, because there is a hunger for Springfield area companies to bring the region back to its manufacturing heyday generations ago. “Hi-tech” always gets a lot of media attention because of that.

    The sum of all of that: The way this company has operated and the way they are currently structured it is almost unreasonable to expect them to commercialize technology. At best, they might be a technology licensing success. In many ways they remind me of now defunct Energy Conversion Devices. Great ideas. Patents with income. No products that amount to anything.

    1. Scuderi is obviously a scam w/o any analogue. A Ponzi scheme. I recently read that Hino sued them and could only recover $68k from their checking acct….what does that tell you?
      Would love for Scuderi to publish/circulate their financial reports for the last 10-12 yrs.
      As for an IPO, Scuderi would have to file 2 yrs of financial reports to qualify for a listing. This they have not done so we are only dealing with more prevarication, and crime against investors. I wonder if patents, real estate, personal property of the Scuderis can be attached by a court? If so, a class action suit should attach everything they own.

  15. Pretty strong words, but all it takes is the Scuderi Clean Energy LLC to install their first few power generation projects and your comments will be heavily disregarded. Also, Nanalyze with fair reporting in mind, you will be expected to do a follow up article on the positive news.

    1. Not sure my comments will be “heavily disregarded.” I have been directly involved – meaning with technical and/or managerial responsibilities – with a number of commercialization projects. I see a strong distinction between “commercialize” as I define it and the installation a few alpha or beta projects. Especially if those early stage projects are as much owing to a partner or partners who carry a significant amount of the burden. With the newest iteration of on-site power production, perhaps a partner like Johnson Controls will assume a large role in such an alpha/beta test, for example. I would still expect either that partner or other partners with demonstrated commercial success to own the early phases of bringing the product to market. Scuderi at best is good at raising capital and ideation. I have my doubts they can do the rest.

      But many companies are successful with such a business model. The one I referenced earlier, ECD, survived for decades with such a model. To do so there was an endless cycle of ideation, revenue raising, and licensing negotiations. But it worked for some time.

  16. Vinny come to your senses Scuderi Group is a scam…period. They have been promising for years with
    their hype…(the latest is the Scuderi Clean Energy), the bottom line is they are 0 for whatever in all their promises and anyone who puts 1 penny into this company is a fool and just plain playing into their hands. WAKE UP!

  17. HJ, it’s also important to note that since the Scuderis are still trying to raise money via duped new investors, Vinny and Dan are more than likely employed by the Scuderis as forum posters. If not, it’s sad to think they could be that blind and stupid.

  18. When a company promises things will happen just to get investor money and those things don’t happen it really boils down to misrepresentation of the facts. This is what Scuderi has continually done to raise the 80 million plus. They more or less have duped their investors. So I guess that is acceptable in today’s world…buyer beware! I still think there has to be some law(s) in place that will get these people. The current lawsuit against this company will hopefully prove this out and they will get what they deserve. I’m sure at this time they are trying to hide as much of their (our) assets as possible before they go belly up.
    For some people to be optimistic with this company makes no sense and have probably used their play money so they really don’t care ….. I did not. I didn’t hear or ever see Scuderi saying to invest ONLY PLAY MONEY. I invested money that was hard earned and I feel cheated by the false information that Scuderi consistently put out.

  19. Johnson Controls-Tyco tax inversion

    Yet another tax inversion deal is sending a U.S. industrial to the Emerald Isle. Johnson Controls will merge with and control 56% of Tyco International, which is already domiciled there. According to the Wall Street Journal, the move is expected to save at least $150 million a year on taxes and at least $500 million in costs in the first three years.

  20. Dan you sound like a scuderi mole to me? I said play money jackass not play dough. Play dough is what your brain has to be made of to think Scuderi is going anywhere but the toilet.

  21. Growup crybaby. Your way out of your league. Go beg for a refund, then start a fan duel account. You don’t belong at the grownup table.

    1. Guys, this conversation has deteriorated in a hurry. Everyone’s feeling pretty down about what appears to be a very poor investment so far. Let’s focus on using the comments thread for constructive debates or to post additional information, not name calling. Cheers guys.

      1. That was a very poor coment. Take your own advise an make an effort to present all the facts for once. If you cant, then shut down. Slanted comments are fox news nonsense…

        1. Please feel free to present all the facts that were omitted.

          All the facts we presented are available in the public domain. After reading that SEC filing, this is not a company we believe any investor would be interested in based on the red flags contained within.

          1. Again, old old stuff. By your own addmission to boot. Why not get in touch with the company an hear what they have to say before telling us its a lousy company. Rehashing the past does nothing except tell people they lost their money. Visit them, or at least make a phone call. Then you might have something new to inform the public on.. Thank you…

  22. invested in scuderi ten years ago, still waiting for what ever they are working on to happen. it seems like a lot of hot air and no substance. where are all of the so called agreements that have been signed, and are there any places that are producing power? Scuderi gives a statement every now and then to make investors feel like they are on the verge of making a return on their investment, REALLY?

  23. What I do not understand is why everyone is out against SG? The key word is investment here. When one puts money into a company they never know if it is a sure deal. Despite what anyone claims, it is your decision. No one forced you to put money into the company. Although this company has had its problems financially, let’s look at the bigger picture. What can this technology do for the world? Everyone is so wrapped up in the idea of money that we forget this technology is truly innovative and has potential. Instead of bantering this family for every mishap, why don’t investors get down to the details of the new technology being developed on the power generation side. It is clear that things have changed, Scuderi power has the potential to be great. Here is a short list of advantages I found the power generation side can hold..
    -Major reductions in electric bills.
    -The combined energy of the high-pressure compressed air and the kinetic energy of the fuel creates a significant efficiency gain.
    -The system can combine various energy assets (grid, wind, solar, etc.) and improve the reliability of those systems.
    -Major reductions in carbon footprint.
    And more!
    Now stop bickering and posting repetitive nonsense about mistakes they have made and look toward the future! I truly don’t care if your an investor and worrying about your money, because personally as an investor, I wish to see the technology make advancement to better our world!

    1. I wish to see the world become a better place too but there’s no way I’m betting on this company to do it based on their past documented behavior.

      1. So since somebody fails they should give up? Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes, there is no shame in that. Your constant banter of SG past financial issues is a thing of the past, what you are reporting is from other article that’s date back to 2012, and these problems occurred because of other money sucking companies. Attorneys and investors are greedy, let the SG be and grow and flourish. Then five years from now when they are successful, will you still report nonsense or will you be hypocritical? Money is not everything my friend, and if you do not wish to bet then stop talking about it. Post an article after you do some research as Dan has said.

  24. We’ll see? Your coverage of scuderi has always been slanted so its no great shakes to see nothing has changed. Do some real homework for once. Call scuderi. Call their prospective projects. Call 41 and checkout financing. All you guys do is copy somebody else. Do some work. And stop pushing other posts out of the way to stick your undermining crap in… growup already…

  25. Fine fine post hector.. The nanalyze crew pushed my post down a peg so they could refute yours and make it sound like i agree with them. This is punk stuff. Sounds like a teddy cruz dirty trick. Anyway good job hector. Keep it up….

    1. You are quite a character Dan! We don’t have time to do silly things like manipulate comments to influence people. Everybody gets a chance to say what they like! Remember, we have no skin in the game or ulterior motives. We’re here to learn like everyone else and most of our time is spent researching and writing articles. There are 471 articles that aren’t about Scuderi Group so this is just a tiny fraction of what we write about.

  26. To be kind, your full of it. You moved my post for a purpose. Its right in front of everyone and you still deny it. Check dates gang. Phony balonies plain an simple. You say you do research, but what you really do is copy stories and opinions from other people and claim them as your own. You just move the words around a little. Again, why not take a hint an make phone calls to scuderi and its partners? Better yet act like reporters and go there for a story instead of copying somebody else’s. great opinion post hector.

  27. Dan. Wherever you click the “reply” link is where your comment will show up. You can try it yourself. Let’s keep the conversation on topic.

  28. Lets b honest first. Then maybe you guys can do your own homework instead of copying others. Your Online journalism is a joke. What does 471 other articals have to do with conducting your own research and reporting on scuderi and its partners? Which of course you don’t do. Get credible, or get lost.

  29. You boys even advertise for trading companies (Motif) within this scuderi article! How objective? Not only do you conduct no real reporting or research, but you sell advertising inside the articles you write. I have to congratulate your marketing dept on this fact because its the only originality you bring to the table.

    1. We have affiliate relationships with companies for which we like their products and use ourselves. You can read about those in the “About Us” section.

  30. So that makes ok to advertise products inside the articles you put out? How can anyone take you seriously? Embarrassing… Nanalyze your own business, or at least make the effort…

  31. The Scuderi Clean Energy is well on the way to achieving success in the power generation industry and with the help of several outside entities they seem poised for some nice company milestones. Dan and Hector seem to be right on about the company and others need to do a little more homework before condemning this organization.

  32. Year after year the Scuderis talk about big plans and great progress. Why do they never have anything functional that investors can look at and touch? An engine in a plastic cube? How many years did they get out of that one? Why were there never any cars with Scuderi engines in Agawam? Clean power generation? talk about late to the game? still doing research after $80 million? Where are the prototypes? The pilot projects? This is a 1940’s type scam. Whispers and rumors. At least Angelo had the good sense to walk away.

  33. I have to ask. How do you know they don’t have an energy saving engine that is functional? The auto industry is about the most difficult business to break into. Besides, they may come back. Agawam is not a car manufacturing town anyway and Scuderi is not a car builder. Clean power generation is only just starting, not ending. The 80 mil is less than a drop in the bucket compared to bloom energy’s billions they have taken from investors. I feel the scuderi power generation business will be a great success. I wish it were already here, but it will be. I wasn’t around in the 40s and i hope you didn’t lose anything back then. Who is Angelo?

  34. Maybe, but what new info is Scuderi putting out these days? I’d ask nanalyze, but those guys don’t do their own reporting or research anyway.. Scuderi ought to put out short press releases each week. At least then investors would have some idea and knowledge of their intentions. Not hearing anything for long periods hurts their cause.

  35. Good catch vinny. Saw that this morning which promted my last post. Morningstar picked it up so it has some weight. This is exactly what Scuderi ought to be doing each week. It helps to get their message out and stay current with investors. Thank you…

  36. I think this is a good sign of good things to come, it’s an introduction to the power generation industry and wall street that Scuderi Clean Energy LLC is for real.

  37. I want for this technology to be a game changer and it was promoted as such. The trucking industry, shipping, freight and of course cleaner energy, less NOx for the auto industry. I stay in as an investor as SG now says they are focused on the Clean Energy sector and will come back to the auto industry when they can pick off the low hanging fruit. But as an investor, we all feel misled and over anxious over each and every Non-disclosure that was signed.
    But SG should set our mind at ease and post the financials to show where all our investments had gone. They should help us understand why the auto makers turned away suddenly and abandoned the thought of a future with a SG engine. They should post the results from years of testing at SWRI. They should post the results of the Nissan they put the SG engine into. The investors have a right to know why the money dried-up, where it went, why the auto makers turned away and what steps are be taken to revive this technology within the auto makers. Its a brilliant technology, I truly love the simplicity of it all and the many ways this could make our lives better, but to remain a believer SG should open up this information for the investors – its the auto industry I had invested for. Maybe that is where the reporting and investigations should start as those are the answers we are all looking for.

  38. I have seen no numbers from the dyno for this concept. Until I have seen the numbers I will not accept any so-called “data” from computer modelling. It seems to me that they never produced a truly viable working prototype. Their skill appears to be in producing impressive videos and graphics, rather than solid engineering. All smoke and mirrors to me.

  39. R u talking about the auto engine, or storage? You have a point in either case. Lets wait and see on the energy storage concept since that is the focus at this time.

  40. i was looking at the so called signed commitments that scuderi has to produce power at six different places in the northeast, four of the six are farms that produce more manure then energy. sounds more like crap then anything else…..

  41. not crap, just an investor from way back and see this going nowhere fast. all talk no real visual working power being produced. stop the BS and build an actual power plant that will generate electricity…

  42. I too invested, only $25,000. I accepted that I was taking a chance. Maybe in the end all will work out but in the meantime, my investment has cost me about $100/year for someone to manage my stocks. I would like to unload my stocks. I would sell at the same amount that I paid for the stocks – supposedly valued at $175,000. I too am concerned about the mismanagement.

  43. The math might add up in the form of 60 or 70 million of signed contracts Scuderi has aquired pending financing through 401. She would have to know how many outstanding shares are out their including warrants. Pretty tall order. total number of shares is a hard number to come by in a private concern. Go figure..?

  44. If the company were to go ipo today she would get just under 40 bucks a share if she got in at 5.60. Not a bad opening ipo. She would have around 4465 shares to sell.

  45. the 60 or 70 million in maybe contracts would not in any way create a 40 dollar ipo price ,the valuation would be based on profitability and delivery capabilities minus debt ,cost etc .Ill offer 10 grand for her shares ,and lets be honest IPO ,would be the worst thing between costs and 41 North’s fees the value would be diluted even further . one last note the project list on the website is not 60mil more like 2 where are the contra cts and with who

  46. Lotta stuff there. Like u I’m guessing. 39 bucks a share brings in 175k. tell us how she comes up with her number then?

  47. dan would you sell a 175000 dollar investment for 25 k neither of us would , I think shes just trying to get her money back,my offer is 10k worth a shot

  48. maybe she has important reasons why a sale is needed at this time. Thats none of my business though. I wish her well…

  49. I can’t believe this scam still has legs. It also has the same Scuderi shills showing up to defend it at every site that posts anything critical. I watched about two dozen of my co-workers give away their hard earned money to these scammers. So glad I never jumped in. Hope must be a powerful drug to keep people hooked in over a decade.

  50. The sales potential of this power system is unlimited, the 60 or 70 million in contracts is minimal. SCE put their reps on hold from selling new business well over a year ago. Their game plan is concentrate on 5 or 6 sold deals, get them funded and once installation begins, the reps will be let loose again. This is an easy sale, the SCE should an enormous back log going into the IPO which will help in the valuation.

  51. Jack are you being paid for your info , who are you please define the 70 mil who are they with and to assume they stopped selling new business and this is good and now they have a game plan , big news
    no Ipo ,more big news nobody is investing in a company with no revenue that is scaling back ,really who are you and where do you get this nonsense .jack have one of these mystery reps post ,gotta tell you ,your are the best thanks for the laugh now bring one just one fact to the table

  52. Well, he does use his own name and how do you know its nonsense? What gives you all the power of knowledge inside SG. You ask who is he, is he getting paid, and then say he’s full of it when you don’t know whats going on yourself. I’ve never seen you bring solid facts yet? Your not invested and say you represent people who are unhappy with SG, but you yourself can’t really say where the company is, or where its going in the future. That’s the real laugh….

    1. Dan not sure his name is frank and am sure my nickname is hunter for 30 years and my real names is James that’s a fact. Fact 2 I don’t own the stock but have 3 clients who have asked for my help pro bono fact 3 I will purchase the stock at 50 cents on the dollar I’ll copy you on the transaction fact 4 Sc is actively soliciting all the new business they can get through thier website which has been posted fact 5 salesman expect to get paid as well as reps if they can’t sell your product they go elsewhere. Fact 6 never heard from the club mgrs recently until I brought it up and thier answers were pretty scary fact 7 they need all the revenue. They can get until funding gets approved and to get funding you need contracts fact8 the70 mil in contracts have been talked about for about x amount of time ,all contracts have a expiration date and a delivery date maybe someone can find that out fact9 the sold deals are not the ones listed on thier website , glad you had a laugh but Frank’s response does not coincide with IPO or revenue raising

  53. Fact 1 His name is jack. Facts 2 and 3 have absolutely nothing to do with SG. Fact 4. So what. That’s what companies do. Fact 5. How would you know their status? Fact 6. Why should club managers confide in you? Fact 7. How do you know the company doesn’t receive revenue? Fact 8. You ask everyone else to verify your so called fact. Fact 9. You can’t verify anything and that is a fact. Fact 10. You said you pay .50 cents on the dollar, but offered someone far less if you did make an offer at all. Fact 11. You also said you would never post again, but here you are posting more than real investors. Fact 12. You don’t speak to anyone inside SG . Fact 13. Your posts are almost impossible to comprehend. It’s one long sentence with not so hot grammar. Fact 14. You present only opinions not facts…

  54. dan the frank was a joke, I was asked to post again and I offered approx. 40 cents to one person , ok jack just explain why they are still soliciting business not a opinion a fact, and the mgr posted his response on the blog never said I spoke to them asked a question and received a answer , sorry for my grammer, failed English , and no I don’t speak to anyone on the inside,who does .

  55. I think that the SCE website is being updated in anticipation they will soon give the power generation reps the green light to sell again.

    Hunter I thought you were negative on this company, offering .40 cents per share and being a self proclaimed financial consultant tells me you believe this investment has some legs. Thanks

  56. yes jack I believe the patents have a very substantial worth and I am in the process of purchasing some shares at a discount. its been difficult to get the shares ,but I think we are close. I would really be happy to share my credentials and firm with you privately, I think it would answer a lot of questions. are you aware that there is a separate website marketing SCE currently takes a little digging.

  57. So Hunter you talk down about the company while trying to purchase shares at a discount? Interesting?

  58. and dan why are you afraid of credentials ,lets put it on the table ,you keep on insulting me for asking questions ,I have had my staff review 4 years of blogs the Germans ,the Wackos and everyone else and it seems to all boil down to DAN, so you can be insulting ,make your statements ,im getting my stock and for 15000 this is now going to be fun ,so make your cute responses I am going to see the SG GROUP ,hope your there and jack your welcome to come,this is now personnel , sorry for the English dan but my mba .ria. and certified fiduciary designations really don’t care get ready

  59. I really think being honest about SG is not an insult at all. On other hand it is when someone is just a cheap ambulance chaser looking to score off people you try an scare off. Get lost..I

  60. marc says
    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 10:35 AM

    Dan, show me something pal, i can’t see the forest from the trees!

    Dan says
    FEBRUARY 16, 2016 AT 6:13 PM

    Not my job bud, your on your own like the rest of us..


  61. dan, u said everyone on there own, not true call the number in mass and set up a phone conference, as it is easy to do, i did one last month

  62. That was pretty good and i remember it well. Your comment on that phone conf. was so vague i was asking for other people who wanted the info. You had it so I’m asking. Whats the number and when should calls be made. I never heard of this being done before either. How did u come across this in the first place? Thanks for the info Marc. You made me see the forest from the trees..

  63. The new Scuderi home page illustrates a 4 cylinder engine with one cylinder providing charge to two of the other three cylinders which all are normal 4-cycle design. Very Strange!

  64. does any one know what is going on with the power projects that Scuderi is involved with, have they started any or is all hype.

  65. Hi guys…..is Scuderi still with us?
    I’m just waiting to cash in and buy a big Everglades
    and go out and catch some tuna. Ha ha ha

  66. Nick, all i know is that i’m 11 years older since i put in my donation, just wondering if they still exist as a company. no more webnars haven’t heard a peep in over six months. was just back in West Springfield from SC but did not have to to check if they are still at 1111 elm st WS. what’s with all the power projects.

  67. Why do people throw money at such hyped ideas? The OPOC, Scuderi and Achates (as well as several others) are all in the same boat. They are all two stroke engines. To my knowledge, no two stroke diesel or gas engine has met the emissions requirement for on road applications. Eighty million for Scuderi, one hundred million for OPOC and ninety million for Achates. Nothing has been heard from OPOC since the sale to the Chinese and no production capability for the others either. How does anyone blow 80 to 100 million and have vertually nothing to show for it? From the beginning of each of these projects, none ever planned to create production capability and build a viable operating business. They only planned to license the designs. The big question you should be asking is, to who????

    1. You may. I have designed a new engine myself. I built the prototype with my own money. I invested 3 million and have 6 patents.

    1. You may. I have designed a new engine myself. I built the prototype with my own money. I invested 3 million and have 6 patents.

  68. Why do people throw money at such hyped ideas? The OPOC, Scuderi and Achates (as well as several others) are all in the same boat. They are all two stroke engines. To my knowledge, no two stroke diesel or gas engine has met the emissions requirement for on road applications. Eighty million for Scuderi, one hundred million for OPOC and ninety million for Achates. Nothing has been heard from OPOC since the sale to the Chinese and no production capability for the others either. How does anyone blow 80 to 100 million and have vertually nothing to show for it? From the beginning of each of these projects, none ever planned to create production capability and build a viable operating business. They only planned to license the designs. The big question you should be asking is, to who????