Stem Stock Review | A Big Margin Problem

June 8. 2023. 1 min read

Stem stock is a popular energy storage stock that investors may see as currently being undervalued. After all, this firm managed to do what few SPACs have ever done – beat their SPAC deck guidance. While the revenue growth is there, not all revenues are created equal. Non-GAAP gross margins point to variability in their revenues based on the price of lithium in the future. This means actual revenues could be more or less than what’s stated, and presumably, an adjustment will be made. With hardware gross margins in the negative last quarter, we don’t care for this new variable that’s been introduced which only makes it more difficult for $STEM stock investors to monitor what the company is getting up to. STEM stock is one we’ll be avoiding going forward due to volatile revenues, tight gross margins, and customer concentration risk.


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