Green Technology

Lucid Motors Stock Wants to be the Next Tesla. Can it?

Regular readers know that one of our mantras is that you can’t invest in the market with the intention of finding the next Microsoft. You’d do nearly as good buying a lottery ticket with your luckiest numbers. We may soon have to tweak that platitude and swap Microsoft with Tesla (TSLA). Five years ago, Tesla […]

Solid Power Stock: Pure Play on a Solid-State EV Battery

Nothing gets Nanalyze readers charged up like battery technology. We can’t explain it, but we always strive to give our lovely readers what they want, especially those who help pay the bills. No doubt many of our astute premium subscribers saw QuantumScape (QS), a company attempting to commercialize solid-state lithium batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), […]

Sono Motors Stock: A Solar-Powered Moonshot

The idea of a solar-powered flashlight was supposed to be a joke until it wasn’t. In many emerging markets you’ll find cheap little solar-powered lamps that sit in the sun all day charging, then provide light at night. Not everyone has access to a store that sells batteries, so it’s a solution to a problem. […]

NextEra Energy Stock Forecast: Sunny and Windy

If you’re someone who drives a rig that gets 10 miles per gallon, here’s how you can hedge the increasing costs at the pump. Invest in two dividend champions whose ebb and flow are tied directly to the price of oil – Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Chevron (CVX). Exxon has a fascinating business model with […]

Why is Farmers Edge Stock Dropping Like a Rock?

Successful investors take inspiration from others, not follow their advice verbatim. We always emphasize that we’re not here to give advice on what you ought to hold or not hold. We’re here to tell you how we arrive at our own investment decisions while providing actionable insights along the way. When we “love” a stock, […]

Polestar Stock: A Pure-Play Electric Vehicle Company

At the beginning of the year, PitchBook released a report raving about the big returns investors enjoyed in 2020 from special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) entering the electric vehicle and mobility market. In the latter half of last year, its Mobility SPAC Index generated a return of +77.7%, compared to the S&P 500 total return […]

Fluence Energy Stock: A Global Energy Storage Leader

Some disruptive tech themes generate more interest than others for reasons we can only speculate on. For example, investors have shown a great deal of interest in energy storage. With all these electric cars driving around, makes sense to invest in lithium batteries, right? Well, that’s easier said than done, something we talked about in […]

Li-Cycle Stock: A Risky Play on Lithium Battery Recycling

Scarcity is the name of the latest game toying with the global economy. It’s why people are sawing off catalytic converters from the underbelly of vehicles and why Britons are stuck in long lines waiting to fill up their cars with petrol (as they say in merry old England). But the biggest headline in the […]

Rivian Automotive Stock is One Risky EV Play

Investing in what you know isn’t just about understanding the value proposition on offer. It also involves vetting business models to determine their complexity. On the lower end of the complexity spectrum would be a software-as-a–service (SaaS) business model which constitutes some software that lives in the cloud and is accessible via subscription. On the […]

Energy Vault Stock: Gravity Storage Using Giant Bricks

You can tell when people have too much money because they’re willing to invest in businesses that plan to lose money for a long, long time, especially when it comes to the green economy. For example, we just read about a company called Climeworks that recently opened a new carbon capture facility in Iceland. The […]