Green Technology

Is Beyond Meat Stock Still to Our Taste?

Lots of companies had a pretty forgettable year in 2022. And then there is Beyond Meat (BYND), whose (now former) chief operating officer took a bite out of another man’s nose while stuck in the parking lot after a college football game last October. That actually might have been the highlight of the year, based […]

Nextracker Stock is a Leader in Solar Tracking

We like to think of capitalism as this pure economic system where the best-run companies with the best products and services can grow revenues indefinitely, returning value to shareholders and prosperity to their employees. The reality is far messier. Markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Governments impose tariffs and regulations, issue subsidies and grants. While […]

Can Plug Power Finally Establish a Viable Business?

The nice thing about checking in with a stock once a year is that you’ll have completely forgotten what conclusions you arrived at last time. It’s like you’re looking at the stock for the very first time, and fresh eyes always uncover new things to like or dislike. Today, we’re going to start by completely […]

Should Investors Trust Tritium Stock?

While there is no definitive event that caused confidence in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) to collapse, the rats institutional investors started jumping ship in the second half of 2021. You can see the switch flip around July 2021, based on how much money investors pulled out before a SPAC merger was completed, according to […]

Is the Green Hydrogen Economy a Pipe Dream?

Green technologies can be difficult to navigate because of their political nature. As investors, we need to take off our ethnocentric goggles and examine economic viability objectively. For example, we use Lazard’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to evaluate whether green energy sources perform better than their “dirty” counterparts. Our investment in the world’s largest […]

The Probability of Tesla Going Bankrupt

Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences. With every other media outlet talking about Tesla (TSLA) blowing up, that’s precisely why it’s worth taking a closer look at the value on offer. Properly assessing the risks associated with a stock requires one to leave ethnocentric political beliefs and the […]

Wanted: A High-Growth Energy Storage Stock

In a world of gene editing and AI-powered brain-computer interfaces, energy storage hasn’t changed much. Sure, advances have been made in density, leading to the miniaturization of lithium batteries, which has popularized drones and electric vehicles. The growth of renewable energy has also led to an increased demand for energy storage solutions. The icing on […]

NextEra Energy: Growth Stock or Value Stock?

What a difference a few years makes. Just over a year ago, we wrote about The Biggest Renewable Energy Company in the World which happened to be NextEra Energy (NEE). Today, Exxon Mobil (XOM) is nearly three times the size of NextEra Energy as the price of oil has gone from negative to around $80 […]

Aptera Stock: Are Solar Cars Finally Here?

Our paying subscribers make every word we type possible. In an era where great customer service has gone the way of the dodo, we believe it’s time to double down on accessibility and responsiveness. Anyone who pays our bills is a client, and consequently has access to our brightest – and sometimes sober – minds […]

Atlis Motor Vehicles Stock: An EV Long Shot

Term Sheet, a newsletter from Fortune, was all up in arms yesterday morning about the ARK Venture Fund – “making this available to retail investors is a horrible idea.” What about all the other horrible ideas out there such as penny stocks, regulation A+ IPOs, SPACs, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, NFTs, crowdfunding ventures, and all the other […]