Underwater Drones

A Stock for Underwater Robots, Spacesuits and Dark Rides

We often refer to the concept of “pure play” at Nanalyze when talking about investing in certain technologies. It simply means that we’re looking to bet on a company with a core product or service in one of the categories of emerging technologies that we cover like robotics or artificial intelligence. Pure plays are hard […]

6 Startups Building Underwater Drones

Remember when that kid fell down the well back in the late 1980s? We were well into the 24-hour news era (CNN went live in 1980) but still far from the days of social media and the interwebs when we can pretty much get on-demand information. Today’s version of the “kid in a well” story […]

3 Consumer Underwater Drone Companies

Aerial drones are big business these days with all kinds of companies taking advantage of this high growth niche. While it’s fun to see things from way high up, another place to see some interesting things is underwater. We came across 3 companies that are offering underwater drones at a price point that is appealing to […]