Should We Buy Shares of Mobileye Stock?

The world of tech investing is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for newbie investors. They’re all looking for golden tickets, and they all want to sample every candy out there that looks tasty. A rock-star marketing team can present a product so well that it appeals to investors, not just customers. Couple that with a decent investor relations team and the bull thesis should be blatantly obvious to any retail investor that comes around for a look. But you can’t hold every stock out there, so how do you know which stories to go long?

The answer is not to invest in stories. Avoid all the glossy marketing materials and investor decks until you’ve completely scrutinized what the company tells the SEC, all of which is accessible via the SEC’s document database – EDGAR. No company management team wants to end up in a courtroom, so legal teams often perform CYA on what’s filed with the SEC to make sure no “material information” is omitted. Boring as 10-Qs or 10-Ks might be, they’re the source of many useful insights. If you don’t spend a day investigating a company at this level of detail, then you end up with fluff pieces like what the Fotley Mool churns out.

Mobileye Stock: An Autonomous Driving Pure-Play

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Any thesis with a potential trillion-dollar total

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