Forecasting Growth for GrowGeneration Stock

Oftentimes we’ll come across an investment thesis that crosses multiple disruptive trends. One example would be LiDAR, a technology used in robotics, industrial machinery, smart infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles. Another example is machine vision which is used for a similar swath of use cases. Then we have the indoor growing thesis which lends itself to vertical farming and the legalization of cannabis.

Our research tools help us measure popular opinion of stocks to predict interest. In addition to writing about stocks we’re holding, or thinking about holding, we also write about companies our readers express interest in. Quite a few of you find GrowGeneration (GRWG) to be a compelling way to play cannabis, and we can understand why. Institutional investors that follow this market recommend looking at the ancillary cannabis space for exposure – the pick-and-shovel plays that benefit from industry growth. GrowGeneration is one such stock.

About GrowGeneration Stock

Incorporated in Colorado in 2014, GrowGeneration had their initial public offering just several years later and is now the largest chain of hydroponic garden centers in North Am

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