Sono Motors Stock: A Solar-Powered Moonshot

November 8. 2021. 6 mins read

The idea of a solar-powered flashlight was supposed to be a joke until it wasn’t. In many emerging markets you’ll find cheap little solar-powered lamps that sit in the sun all day charging, then provide light at night. Not everyone has access to a store that sells batteries, so it’s a solution to a problem. Contrast this to solar-powered vehicles which sound more like a solution looking for a problem.

When Will We Have Electric Cars with Solar Panels? That’s a question we asked back in 2018 when we looked at several companies trying to bring consumers what some experts believe is impossible – a vehicle powered by solar energy. One of the companies we looked at was Lightyear which was supposed to deliver their solar car in 2020. The latest is that they’re expecting to deliver one of the ugliest cars known to man for the small price of $175,000 sometime next year.

Solar car by Lightyear
If you have a spare 250,000 euros burning a hole in your wallet, they’re looking for investors. Credit: Lightyear

The other company we looked at in our piece was Sono Motors based out of Germany. Here’s what we said:

If you can’t wait until 2020, then you might be able to score an electric car with solar panels as

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