Alteryx Stock is Dropping, But No Need to Worry

Even seasoned investors confuse stock price movements with the quality of the underlying business. We may say to avoid a stock because we don’t believe the business model is economically viable. When the stock doubles the next day because some chump on Reddit decided to manipulate it, people are quick to say “see, you were wrong.” If you’re a long-term investor, knowing if you’re right or wrong doesn’t happen for many, many years.

Conversely, when you’re long a stock and the thing drops faster than an anchor, it’s tempting to feel you made a mistake. In the words of Marsellus Wallace, that’s pride effing with you. That’s why when we see our Alteryx (AYX) position is down -34%, we want to make sure our original thesis hasn’t changed for this big data/robotic process automation/artificial intelligence stock.

Why Alteryx is Dropping

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Part of our job is to research what investors are looking for and give it to them. Do that enough times, competently, and eventually, you’ll get them to open their wallets. A whole bunch of people have asked why Alteryx stock is dropping, not just now, but every time the share price is falling. Today, we want to talk about the drop of

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