A Guide to Investing in 5G Stocks

They say that the most compelling investment themes for your average Joe retail investor are the ones where society encounters some calamity and only a small set of astute investors are smart enough to see it coming and profit from it. For example, you often see apocalyptic prophecies on gold investment websites that play on our desire to become extremely wealthy while the economy collapses around us. In a similar fashion, investors are often attracted to investing in themes that are surrounded by controversy.

Everyone talks about how horrible pharma companies are but these same people won't hesitate to invest in a stock that's working on some blockbuster drug. Gene editing could very well spell the end of mankind if it gets in the wrong hands, but not before we've profited on some gene-editing stocks. Then there's 5G, which for some reason, everyone wants a piece of, even though there is no shortage of interesting theories around the technology. Coincidence? We have no idea, but ...

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