Microamp Solutions Brings 5G to Eastern Europe

Many tech newsletters you’ll find in your inbox these days think the availability of funding is what keeps entrepreneurs from succeeding. “Disadvantaged Group X has only received Y% of venture capital funding,” you’ll hear them say, stamping their feet and demanding that you fund entrepreneurs on some criteria other than their potential to succeed. Take […]

Six 5G Startups Building 5G Infrastructure

It’s been over a year now since our foreign correspondents were roaming the globe – from Nauru to Saudi Arabia – scouting some of the world’s most exciting startups, many of which are flying under the radar. In fact, we found entire countries flying under the radar, like Indonesia’s chatbots and big data, or New […]

A Guide to Investing in 5G Stocks

They say that the most compelling investment themes for your average Joe retail investor are the ones where society encounters some calamity and only a small set of astute investors are smart enough to see it coming and profit from it. For example, you often see apocalyptic prophecies on gold investment websites that play on […]

LiFi: Can Visible Light Communication Save the Internet?

One obstacle to many emerging technologies is that often there is not enough infrastructure to support its full-scale roll-out. One example is building a robust charging network that ensures electric vehicles don’t run out of juice on a cross-country roadtrip. In the computing world, we’ve talked about how Moore’s Law – the theorem that computing […]

7 Smart City Urban Planning Ideas Using IoT

One of the things that you learn after being a digital nomad for a while is that some cities are much better designed than others. There is a certain aesthetic quality to a well-laid out urban center like New York City compared to, say, Boston, which one article on the topic of city grids said […]

This Little-Known 5G Stock is About to Blow

We’ve learned the hard way that researching and writing about exciting technologies doesn’t mesh well with being a prudent investor. Rare is the person who can identify the next Microsoft, get in at the right price and with a meaningful amount of capital at stake, and then sell at the right time. The reality is that […]

Investing in Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide

Write about technology for a while and you’ll be tempted to think you’ve heard about all the latest and greatest stuff. Prepare to be humbled. There’s just so much going on these days it’s impossible to keep up with it all. Not all technologies that sound great will be commercially successful and not all are worth […]

What is 5G and Why is It a Big Deal?

One of our biggest complaints – outside of HR recruiters, crappy data research firms and overhyped marijuana markets – is the lack of reliable, high-speed internet everywhere around the world. Some of our MBAs are keen travelers, donating as much plasma as humanly possible to fund those cheap AI-predicted airfares on sketchy airlines that employ […]