Beyond Meat Stock Offered in IPO – Yay or Nay?

Few things are more entertaining than watching a vegan try and mime their way through ordering a meal without meat in a country like Mongolia where the waiter thinks that people who don't eat meat have a screw loose. Still, vegans and vegetarians around the world suffer for the sake of - well, who knows - since half of them can't give you a solid reason why they don't eat meat. Maybe it's because they love animals, or maybe it's because 78% of all land used for agriculture is occupied by livestock that commands a significant amount of resources to produce. Who knows, but nowadays things have become a whole lot easier with the advent of "meatless meats" of the type we talked about in our article on 7 Startups Creating Lab-Grown Meat. While the startup we're going to discuss today doesn't "grow" their meat, they have managed to become successful enough to file for an IPO. It's Beyond Meat Man Founded in 2009, Manhattan Beach, California startup Beyond Meat has taken in $122 million in
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4 thoughts on “Beyond Meat Stock Offered in IPO – Yay or Nay?

  1. Who tf wrote this?
    You can’t actually say this sentence-
    “We all love animals, but they taste so damn good that there’s no amount of “save the planet guilt” that can dissuade us from tucking into a big, fat, juicy steak whenever we feel like it.”
    That’s like saying I love my mother but I killed her for some money. It’s lunacy. And so bassackwards when it’s placed just after a paragraph describing how the meat industry is destroying the planet. I’ll clear everything up for you, this persons tastebuds are more important than the sustainability of our planet.

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