2 Cybersecurity Stocks Using Artificial Intelligence

May 27. 2018. 6 mins read

It’s been just over a year since we published an article titled “Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks is BS” and already it’s becoming dated. We’re starting to see more and more companies bringing AI front and center to their overall strategies. AI is the new oil, and soon everyone will use it simply to compete with everyone else who is also using it. As investors, we want to take an approach as follows:

  • Check our current investment portfolios to ensure companies we hold are committed to using AI in their operations – especially well established companies like Coca-Cola and Walmart – because that’s where future dividend increases are coming from.
  • Avoid the “Invest in Everything With Google” advice that’s going around. It’s now expected that every company is exploring the use of AI to improve their operations. Sophisticated investors may consider shorting those companies that aren’t investing in AI today when their competitors are.
  • Try and find good opportunities to invest in companies that dominate high-growth spaces already, and that are investing heavily in AI to improve their core offering.

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