44 “Drone Stocks” in the Drone Economy Strategy ETF

The consumer drones that you see whizzing around the skies these days are essentially flying robots that do stuff like video things, deliver things, or even race other drones. Robotics investors have taken notice of this and are now looking for ways to get exposure to commercial and consumer drones by investing in drone stocks. In the past, drones tended to conjure up images of military strike newscasts in third world countries, places far away where war is taking place while we try and struggle through all our first world problems. Nowadays, mention of drones is likely to remind us of our recent picnic in the park, with that nerdy looking guy in the background brandishing a remote and providing that whirring background noise with his new toy. This basically sums up the two important sub-sectors where drones are present: military and consumer/commercial. These are two entirely different segments. One gives you exposure to defense stocks, and the other to new drone technologies.
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4 thoughts on “44 “Drone Stocks” in the Drone Economy Strategy ETF

  1. Alta Vista Ventutures is the only pure play for the mining industry. They specialize in this sector but the also have the ability to do “traditional” drone business. Real and fasr growing revenues , a cheap stock , And totally undiscovered!

    1. There is no such thing as a “cheap stock”. You’re probably referring to the actual price of the stock which is one of the most ignorant misconceptions new investors make. Is this the same Alta Vista Ventures (AVV) that pivoted into cannabis a few years ago too? Go peddle that piece of garbage somewhere else please.

  2. thanks for the article. what about Drone Delivery Canada? maybe not a manufacturer of drones itself, but could certaibly be part of the industry in the future..and their stock is already listed

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