3D Printing

Review of The 3D Printing ETF (PRNT) from Ark Invest

Last week, a firm called Ark Investment Management (Ark Invest) unveiled “The 3D Printing ETF (BATS:PRNT)” which is based on their proprietary “Total 3D-Printing Index”. This index is designed to track the price movements of stocks with exposure to the 3D printing industry. Let’s take a closer look at this new 3D printing ETF by first […]

How Easy is It to Run Scams on Kickstarter?

We’ve written before about crowdfunding and warned our readers about how these platforms should be treated with a great deal of caution because of scams and people with no business acumen. When you crowdfund a business for equity, the only way you are getting paid back (if ever) is through a liquidity event and nothing guarantees […]

3 Fully Assembled 3D Printers for $100 or Less

3D Printers for the average consumer keep dropping in price. A recent article by ALL3DP offers up 20 3D printers you can own for under $1,000 with 7 of these printers offered for $500 or less. None of these printers on offer are DIY either. All of these 20 printers are said to come fully […]

BioBots is Selling a 3D Bioprinter for $10,000

In August of 2013, we wrote about a company called EnvisionTEC and their 286 pound 3D Bioprinter which was selling for under $200,000. At this price point, 3D bioprinting remains largely out of reach for most consumers who might want to play around with this new technology but don’t have that type of cash laying […]

A 3D Printed Electronics IPO from Nano Dimension

We’ve discussed before the differences between a machine that builds printed circuit boards (PCBs) and a machine that can create 3D printed electronics. 3D printed electronics could be considered a new technology while building PCBs is something companies have been doing for decades. Here’s what the competitive space looks like for printed electronics: A company called […]

Sculpteo: 3D Printing in The Cloud for Beginners

In a recent article, we demystified some of the high tech jargon being thrown around these days like “big data” and “the cloud”. Big data is just that; a lot of data. “The cloud” is actually just software that’s hosted on a server somewhere which you utilize on a subscription basis as opposed to buying […]

3D MakerJet (MRJT): Don’t Set It, Just Forget It

One of the biggest red flags for retail investors should be any company that trades as an “over-the-counter” (OTC) stock because 99% of the time you will lose your money investing in OTC stocks. As a trader, you might make money in OTC stocks, but we’re investors not speculators. We lean towards the Ron Popeil method which is to “set […]

5 Private 3D Printing Companies for Investors to Watch

While the “3D Printing Industry” seems to have fallen out of favor with investors, the investment thesis hasn’t changed. This is a high growth disruptive technology that is expected to have tremendous growth in the coming years. While 3D printing investors can purchase the Nanalyze 3D Printing Stocks motif for a diversified portfolio of pure-play stocks, they should also […]

Nano Dimension: 3D Printing Electronics with Nano Ink

3D Printing just keeps getting pounded, with the “Nanalyze 3D Printing Stocks” motif down -35% since we first created it in June. While the 3D printing theme has fallen out of favor with investors, the potential of this disruptive technology hasn’t changed a bit. We’ve talked before about “printed electronics“, and how the ability to print circuits […]