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Precision Ag Uses AI on Imagery from Drones, Satellites

We consider our readers shareholders in Nanalyze, and those who kick in some money through a Nanalyze Premium subscription have limited voting rights. Namely, you tell us what rabbit hole relevant topic you want us to investigate, and we’ll release our team of rabid MBAs. So that’s why we’re going to dive right into the […]

Flying Drones For Better Warehouse Management

Almost exactly one year ago, our MBAs were doing field research at cannabis dispensaries in the Pacific Northwest and looking into “How Fruit Packing Warehouses Use Technology.” In the small town of Bingen, Washington, there’s a new fruit packing warehouse that transformed its entire operation using automation and robotics. They’re just one of more than […]

Drones and Robots That Clean Wind Turbines

In our recent article on Vestas, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, we talked about how wind power is on a steep growth trajectory with $4.5 trillion expected to blow into the sector over the next 30 years. In the company’s latest annual report, we noted that their services division is growing by double digits with a […]

Can Flying Delivery Drones Deliver the Goods?

One of the challenges involved in writing about emerging technologies for investment opportunities is that, well, you’re waiting for the technology to emerge at a stage where it is viable, scalable, and profitable. In the case of flying delivery drones, the issue is compounded by regulatory issues in the United States of operating aircraft – […]

Robot Lifeguards and Drones That Spot Sharks

If you’re toning your summer bod with the expectation that you’ll be in the company of lifeguards who look like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Truth is, beaches and pools nowadays are dominated by senior citizen lifeguards – people aged 55 and up – because this job is no […]

6 Startups Building Underwater Drones

Remember when that kid fell down the well back in the late 1980s? We were well into the 24-hour news era (CNN went live in 1980) but still far from the days of social media and the interwebs when we can pretty much get on-demand information. Today’s version of the “kid in a well” story […]

6 Examples of Commercial Drones and Industrial Drones

If you hear a strange high-pitch whizzing sound coming from above, then odds are that a drone is being flown near you. When investors get all excited about the potential of drones, it’s not military drones they’re thinking of but rather civilian drones. Because of increased density lithium batteries and the miniaturization of high-definition video cameras, now […]

7 Startups Using Drones for Inspections & Monitoring

According to an article by, the U.S. Department of Transportation says that there is a $808.2 billion backlog of investment spending for bridges and highways, including $479.1 billion in critically needed repairs. More than two-thirds of the nation’s roads and nearly 143,000 bridges are classified in “dire need” of repair or upgrades. One way to […]

Future Sports with Robots, Drones and Race Cars

One of the great mysteries of the 21st century is why the heck the Transformers franchise has lasted so long, especially when it once starred Shia LeBeouf. The answer, of course, is really quite simple: It features giant robots smashing each other to smithereens. Not exactly a box office smash, the movie “Real Steel” was […]

3 Drone Delivery Startups Using Flying Drones

Drone delivery is one application of drones that’s already happening in niche applications, but it remains to be seen if drones buzzing around dropping off packages will become as ubiquitous as smartphones are these days. Right now the consumer drone exists because of improvements in materials, compact video cameras, and better performing lithium batteries. We […]