Redwire Stock vs Terran Orbital Stock: Is There a Winner?

September 22. 2023. 6 mins read

In the parlance of Trekkies, we’ve had to issue a couple of Red Alerts this month to Nanalyze subscribers concerning our two favorite space stocks. The first came after shares of Planet Labs (PL) dropped 15% following news that the company missed revenue expectations for the quarter and revised their 2023 fiscal year guidance downward for the second time this year. Meanwhile, Rocket Lab (RKLB) stock crashed by 25% following a recent rocket failure that may disrupt the flow of revenue.

Beyond PL and RKLB, retail investors keen on space stocks are pretty short on other options outside of a legacy space company called MDA (MDA.TO) that is pretty well diversified across geospatial intelligence, robotics and space operations, and satellite systems. MDA is growing revenues at a good clip but has its own drawbacks, though it recently cleared $1 billion in market cap, so maybe investors are starting to take notice. 

Stocks the Space Opera

Meanwhile, other space stocks (all former SPACs) are kind of a mess

Small launch company Virgin Orbit has gone out of business. Another small launch company, Astra Space (ASTR), is probably not far behind

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