Unity Stock: Some Concerns Around Metrics

July 20. 2023. 6 mins read

Tech investors are spoiled for choice. Every corner you turn, some pundit is pitching their great growth story. As we always say, everyone will tell you what stocks to invest in, but few will tell you which stocks you shouldn’t invest in. Our risk-averse approach to tech investing has helped numerous investors from stepping on the many landmines out there, the collective SPAC universe being one example (we’ve covered over 90 SPACs since they debuted).

Based on feedback from our paying subscribers, we’re in the process of putting together a Nanalyze New Money portfolio which represents 10 disruptive tech stocks and 10 dividend growth stocks we find most compelling based on our research findings over the past decade. (These names may differ from the 37 tech stocks we’re currently holding.) One company that’s a contender for our top-ten stock picks is Unity (U). It’s been a year since we checked in last, so let’s kill two stones with one bird.

Declining Customer Spend

If you’re going to recommend a growth stock to someone, you should be able to easily explain the thesis. Unity Software operates the leading platform for developing mobile games, a $78 billion market by some estimates. Those of you who ply the subways of Asian countries (where 60% of all people on this planet live) will believe this is lowballing the opportunity, but it’s big no matter how you slice it. More information can be found in the pieces we published on Unity

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