Pure Storage Stock: A Big Data Pure Play

June 23. 2022. 5 mins read

When Mr. Musk says there’s a one in a million chance we’re not in a simulation, it’s worth pondering the idea a bit. Let’s assume we’re not in a simulation and we keep designing better and better alternative realities. We’re actively doing that, and it’s called “the metaverse.” We’ll obviously make the metaverse better than reality otherwise it wouldn’t be attractive. Soon, we’d expect that everyone would want to spend all their time in the metaverse, and that would become reality. In that reality, everyone would eventually get bored and start creating a new reality. That’s referred to as a nested simulation, and there could be millions, even billions of them – a multiverse of simulations. Reality is the substrate these simulations run on, and it’s probably boring as hell, Mr. Musk proposed, as he warily eyeballed the joint of stank Joe Rogan handed him.

What every simulation has in common is data. At a molecular level, everything around us is data. (It’s also largely nothing at the atomic level.) There is a growing need to store more and more data because it represents the ultimate way to optimize our own reality by creating digital twins. Synthetic biology may be the most exciting technology we cover, but it also requires massive amounts of data to work. Data is the backbone of everything, and we wouldn’t mind getting some more exposure to it.

The Appeal of Flash-Native

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