Olink Stock (OLK) – A Lesser Known Play on Proteomics

August 1. 2021. 4 mins read

Figuring out how much to tax the commoners is a tricky problem to solve. Tax people too much and they won’t have much of an incentive to work. Tax them too little and you won’t generate much revenue. In Sweden, taxes are the highest of any country in the world at over 57%, yet plenty of people still seem willing to work. Spotify, IKEA, and Volvo are all Swedish companies that have achieved global brand recognition through hard work. Today, we’re going to talk about a Swedish life sciences company that hopes to dominate the proteomics space.

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Founded in 2016, Swedish company Olink (OLK) was acquired by Summa Equity AB, a Nordic private equity firm, in 2019. Shares of the company now trade on a number of European stock exchanges, and also trade on the Nasdaq Global Select market under the ticker OLK. This means U.S. investors can now buy shares using any brokerage account without having to access foreign exchanges. With a $4.45 billion market cap and Q1-2021 revenues of just $13.63 million, the company is extremely overvalued according to our simple valuation ratio.

  • 4.45 billion market cap /0.054 billi

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