Talkspace Stock: A Pure-Play Mental Health Stock

April 11. 2021. 8 mins read

Our MBAs have been working overtime trying to cover all of the companies entering the public markets, so our lovely readers can separate the wheat from the chaff. And most of you know how chafed we’ve felt over the deluge of blank-check companies merging with pre-pubescent, pre-revenue startups that offer only suffering and sorrow for retail investors. Of course, we’re not alone in sounding the alarm over these special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). One of the high muckety mucks at the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) recently said that the current SPAC model is as transparent as mud, allowing companies to promise the moon before they have even built the rocket to get there (see Astra Space as a literal example of this brilliant metaphor). 

That’s one of many reasons why we’re intrigued by the proposed SPAC merger between Hudson Executive Investment Corp. (HECCU) and Talkspace, a telepsychiatry company that would offer investors the only pure play on virtual behavioral health. For starters, there’s actual p

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