Zymergen Stock is About Manufacturing with Nature

People often ask why we cover startups when our primary mandate is to cover publicly traded technology stocks. That’s because we want to know about promising companies that may soon offer shares to the public. When that happens, we’re one step ahead of the game. Today’s announcement of an IPO by Zymergen is a good example of how this helps us better understand initial public offerings in advance.

We first came across Zymergen back in 2016, then covered them more recently late last year in a piece titled Solving the World’s Problems With Biomanufacturing. Simply put, nature is the single most powerful and efficient technology known to man. Using the powers of synthetic biology, Zymergen is using nature – microbes – to manufacture advanced materials. Their stated goal is to launch products in about half the time and 1/10th of the cost of what traditional chemicals and materials companies can deliver. And it’s all made possible through the miracle of fermentation.

About the Zymergen Stock Offering

Since we’re already up to speed on what Zymergen does, we simply need to decide if this is an investment we’d be interested in based on our risk- averse approach to investing in tech stocks. We’ve always had a keen interest in one of their competitors,

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