When Will Cannabis Be Legal at the Federal Level?

January 31. 2021. 5 mins read

Old school dealers always reduce customer complaints by weighing large quantities on the heavy side. A pound of weed will come in at 16 ounces with a few eights throw in for good measure (about 1.5% more weight). The guy moving the bag between buyer and seller often can’t resist the temptation to pinch a few nodges for personal use. When the buyer finally gets the bag and weighs it, it still comes out heavy and they’re a happy customer. Everyone wins.

Nowadays, buyers and sellers just do stuff out in the open and nobody cares, at least in states where cannabis is legal. And that list is growing. As of America’s last election, four more joined the list of states where medical or recreational use is kosher. Given there are now more donkeys than elephants in the house, we’re led to believe that legalization at a federal level is now inevitable. In order to better understand that thesis, we sat down with the lads at KEY Investment Partners to talk about their recent piece on “Cannabis and the 2020 Election: Everything You Need to Know.”

The Poor Performance of Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis remains illegal at a federal level. This means that by default, cannabis is illegal in any state. That’s changing though, as states are now passing laws to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. The fact that it remains illegal at a federal level makes it very difficult to conduct business in the burgeoning cannabis industry. For example,

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